What Swedish Escorts REALLY Think About Their Male Clients

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Tall, slim, blonde and absolutely sex mad – Welcome to the home of the finest Swedish  escorts the world has ever seen! Swedish women are known for being down right sexy and there is indeed a science behind this as to why this is the case. Everything about these women is flawless, for sure. 

Being known for their naturally leggy figures. They are on average at least a few inches taller than the Spanish, and many other races of people across the world. With the average Swedish woman growing to be 5 foot 5, whereas the standard average height of other nationalities is just 5 foot 3. A woman’s legs certainly play a role in the amount of sex appeal in which she exudes. Especially as height is also a sign of genetic health. Having grown up with a perfect, well balanced diet, as a standard, which assists them in being much taller than those from other countries. 

More so, 80% of the entire Swedish escorts’ population, has blonde hair; and you know what they say about blondes being more fun! You are probably now imagining a real life barbie doll, with perfect, lemon blonde locks, and you are not far off from being spot on. 

Naturally we are wired to prefer women with blonde hair as they stand out from the crowd, naturally. Gentlemen also perceive blonde Swedish escorts  to look younger than other ladies of the same age. 

Facially, they are known to have the most spellbinding eyes in the world. A very few percent of the world’s population have blue eyes. However, nearly 80% of all escorts from Sweden have been blessed with this gorgeous icy eye colouring. Which also adds to their sexiness and overall appeal, with this being the most desired eye colour for a partner. It is no wonder than clients of our escort agency find these Swedish escort girls the most attractive of all. That blonde haired, blue eyed combination is desired by all. 

Not only this, but it is said that the rest of the world is exceptionally envious of the Swedish escorts, for their glowing complexions. Which is another reason why they are rated as the most attractive women of any other nations. Their diets are said to keep their skin naturally glowing and they tend to have cheek bones which are higher. Which gives them a stunning, naturally contoured look. Plus, having their secret blends of ingredients which get passed down from generation to generation and not shared with the outside world. All which helps to keep them looking as beautiful as possible. 

A night with one of our escorts who are Swedish is sure to show you just what you have been missing!